Thursday, March 1, 2007

Terra's Green Dress / links / pondering

You know, I didn't save once while I was drawing this. Eep. Good thing nothing bad happened...
In any case, as I was going through my old stuff, I noticed there's actually been three different ways I've drawn the dress. The leftmost one is the "most official", considering it's on Ch1 cover.
Some variation of the rightmost one may make an appereance in the distant future.

Random Linkage: Blog from the maker / s of Puffy AmiYumi show - 'twas done in Flash. Keen.
CCC City: at least "Rush II" has pretty good animation.
Cross-linkage: New rant at with anoter link I'm too lazy to duplicate here.

*edit* I just had to add this: Shoo Fly.

Concerning the next page, here's something I wrote in an Email, I thought I could show it here, since, it has no spoilers... well, besides the fact that my current layout has six frames for the next page.

I'm tempted to split this page in two. it's better to have two pages with three frames than one page with six frames, IMO... although that does depend on the action.

Frankly, I think we can decompress here a bit, we could have an entire page with just Laios wandering. Ummm... >_<; Four or five frames is usually the optimum. When showing cool stuff, 1-3 frames is best. Part of the reason the previous page turned out as it did, was because due to my slow pace, the script has gotten "compressed" - which doesn't really help. The more stuff is crammed into a page, the harder it's to even _start_ drawing it. On the other hand, decompress too much, and you end with hardly any dialogue and ten pages where hardly anything happens. While this may work for stuff like Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, it doesn't really for a webcomic, especially with my slow pace. There needs to be a POINT to every page. This can basically be solved only by very good storytelling and pacing... demanding, on it's own, that, too.

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Benjamin A. said...

Oooh, GDM fodder!

Those poses are good. I like the fully grown Terra especially.

What's nice about these examples is that they're good neutral poses. I mean, 9/10-year-old Terra has her arms folded, which could mean anything with a different expression. She could be perfectly happy in that pose looking calm and off to the side. The middle pose could be happy or angry depending on the expression. So, nice drawings!