Friday, January 16, 2015

Will it blend?

I think I used this title before.

I am learning new tricks.

It still has it's flaws, but I think it would be usable Firmly in the uncanny valley, though.

So. Blender modelling... check? Some extra work involved with going low poly, although we've covered making bumpmaps from high poly models.
Still need to get animations grokked --- I have a decent idea about texturing by now. After that, Unity.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Getting back into the habit of blogging.

So, I'm participating in a gamedev class. Peachy keen. I'll be learning Blender + Unity3d.

There's a limited, but expanding list of things made with Unity, biggest name I recognized was Wasteland 2.

Blender skills increasing:
Modeling the character took something like two hours, and was completely painless, so that was fun. No hands or head, since I feel I should do those in separate files. Learned how to port meshes between different .blend files, so no problem there.

New monitor, new apartment, old new city.