Saturday, April 21, 2012

Quick character notes, chain link

My brain can be a pretty funky chicken from time to time. I know this to be true, for one of my blog posts - I actually went through my whole blog yesterday - was completely incomprehensible to myself, even, at least without analysis of some sort.

My work laptop really doesn't have the juice to run Diablo 3 - it's manageable with shadows turned off, but who wants to play like that? Hm.

I almost didn't draw anything today ( it's nine minutes to midnight), but I decided to draw something at least. Not very happy with it, not drawing in the sense of a craftmanship, more of a note on some characters.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Chain Reaction

Some sort of a pointy-eared mutant. Looks uncomfortable.

Let's see how long I can keep the chain going.
I've scanned these last two images with I think it's doing something not-nice with the scanner, since they seem kind of extra fuzzy to me.

Regarding an old post, the Schneider keyboard had Cherry MY switches, and was moderately sweet, gave me the mechanical keyboard bug. I've been drooling after Topre Realforce, and  Filco Ninjas, among others.

I got to take a look at my dream notebooks again. There was a scene, where, instead of a black NCC-1701, the Galactic Destroyer arrived in a derelict (yet structurally sound) Titanic, which crashed from the orbit.

The plot in my last dream notebook post seems kind of awesome, actually.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Warming up

Haven't touched pens or pencils in a rather long while. I have a situation where I could reasonably be expected to draw a couple of hours, on a couple of days, most weeks. So, no excuse, let's get on with it.

I've gone a bit messier - years of Ben's nagging gone to waste :P

I'll try to post some pencil warm-ups tomorrow, after I'm back from the gym.

Oh, in other news, I have a job and a gym membership. It's kind of expensive, which I like - not because it's a good gym, which it is - but because it's an incentive, a hook, a manipulator, that makes me go to gym relatively often. I seem to average about 3 times per week, which isn't that efficient, calculating per-visit costs, but it's going to do wonders to my well-being in short order (I've only gone there for about three weeks now. )