Saturday, March 31, 2007

Something with lots of folds, Terra and wonky proportions

So... A rather elaborate pencil sketch.

It appears there's a space limit to blogger, so there's a limit to how many images this blog can take. Fortunately, I think the limit is 1GB, so it'll be a while till I reach it.

I'm currently away, technically, but I have my pens, paper and a scanner and my graphire3 with me, so there should be art - unless I'm very busy, but that's as per usual anyway. However, I won't be working on the comic while I'm not at home, so it'll be mid-August, er, April, before we can expect that.

I'm not sure what I'll work on - maybe some more pixel stuff for GDM, maybe sketchydoodles, or some animation since I have my graphire3. We shall see.


Cobalt said...

that facial expression makes her look like one of those freaky china dolls lol.

Benjamin A. said...

So, you've got pencils, pens, paper, a scanner, a tablet, a good computer... and yet somehow a change of locale prevents you from working on something in particular for upwards of four months?

Just work on what you feel like. If you feel like the comic, nothing's stopping you. If you don't feel like comicness, just do something or something Terra. ^_^

Esa Karjalainen said...

I don't have my drawing board. Or any of the drawings I've already done. Or the layout of the page... although now that I think of it, I CAN get that from GMail. Hmm. So maybe I can.

But! It's true such a simple thing as a locale change does have a large effect on how and what I draw. It makes no sense. Clearly, it must be art.

Anonymous said...

Try redrawing chunks of the page in your new locale... and use a table or desk instead of the drawing board. Perhaps it will lead to a brand new way of thinking. The point is, don't stress out about it and give it a shot.

If it happens that all you can come up with are stick figures... well, we will have learned something new and a new avenue will be attempted. Most importantly, after attempting it, I will believe you about not being able to work on the page for half a year. ^_^

Benjamin A. said...

Oh, you meant April. Well, Twas a nice April Fool's joke, in that case. No waiting half a year for working on the comic for you, then! ^_^