Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Was doodling. I'm not happy with the pose, in retrospect - I needed a human target, and this angle didn't work as I wanted. Some of the shading is working the way I wanted, not all of it, though.

Done with Ludum Dare 27, not quite done with the game I made. The engine can do all sorts of neato stuff.
I really should switch the project at this point, though, just because.

Here's a link to the postmortem.

Here's a link to the thing. I should probably stop working on it for a while; it is sort of complete, although graphics are all placeholders :

I've been thinking I may want to try out RubyGame.
Ruby seems interesting, I've just never gotten into it.

Either that, or check what one can do with Lua and Panda3D.
I'm pretty happy with XNA and MonoGame too, though.

There's also HaxePunk.

Come to think of it, Adventure Game Studio is interesting, too.

Feel like animating, more or less, now. That, or figuring out shadow mapping. Or drawing something... or something completely different.