Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Old Stuff #9: Sometimes, women are from Mars.

Ahh... designing the Elder Senshi.
That... is probably the first take on Elder Mars... or I just named a random sketch as such. Or possibly, Ben went and said "This one looks like Mars."

...He probably didn't, considering who Mars is based on.

In any case, here's some more sketchy. Mars still doesn't have her hair here, but it's the correct length, more or less. I'm already thinking that Mars needs armor, clearly.

As a bonus, we also have Mercury here. nice and dynamic, damn the proportions, full speed ahead!

Poor Mars, her shoulder looks dislocated. Maybe that's why her face is so wide.

And here... the hair is wrong - looks like a mature Terra quite a bit - so maybe Mars always had a somewhat similar look...

Although Terra didn't have spiky hair at this point, I think! So it's Terra mimicing Mars, then!

...Well, copying others is what she does best, actually.

The costume is all wrong, but it's nice and dynamic.

Here's a view from the back. The only reason we know this is Mars, is because she has the shield and the... well, it's supposed to be a Gladius.

I think the arms are bent back a bit too much here, but all in all it's quite nice.


Yet another picture. This one looks like it has almost the right hair, and has an armored gauntlet. Different than what we went with - maybe because it isn't as obvious that it's armor. Missing the bow from back of the skirt.

And here's all we've seen of her in the line comic. I like the line down her boots.
I constantly need to self-reference for various details, and sometimes I get it wrong. However, I've explicitly denied having any consistency so it's all good! Or maybe not.

I used to habitually draw the bows in front too small, and forget the ones on the back. Maybe the Elder Inner Senshi designs just don't have them?

...Seeing as how Chibi-Saturn -- who isn't the best character to refer to, admittedly -- has one.

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Anonymous said...

Mmm. Character designs. I like to see how characters develop through experimentation. A lot of time, coming up with features is like throwing darts.

That is, it's sometimes the random stuff we gasp at, point to, and say, "KEEP THAT!" So, I'm glad to see the experimentation that's gone on.

Hmm... Think that Elder Sailor Mars could use more experimentation to nail down, or it's just a matter of drawing the same character over and over?

On a basic level she's supposed to look like Rei, but quite different as well. Don't want to be boring and have 'er look just like a grown-up Rei. More fun this way.