Monday, March 12, 2007

Doodling #5 - Requiem for a Pen

...So the pen I used for these doodles died.

I guess we'll return back to our scheduled programming shortly. That doesn't mean anything.

Majority of this is me explaining how the GD's head works. Basically the petal-spike-thingies are somewhat mobile in and as themselves, and the mouth has some... configurability, as well. I believe each fang is actually mounted on a separate leg. the "teeth" showing with it's mouth closed are actually chitinous plates and... and I'm out of thought.

That reminds me, pages 17-18 of chapter 1 show how the GD is getting smaller... it's rougly ten times larger than the space worm-thing it eats first, and afterwards it's still huge compared to the ocular spider... after which it's HEAD is still roughly the size of an oozaru, which are, as you know, not... not very small.

All this just to make it fit, somehow reasonably, into frames together with Queen Serenity, and it's still probably too small here. Oh, well.

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