Friday, February 23, 2007

Oh... Oh my. / Old Stuff #8

Um. I just went through my smaller box of NETTG stuff... there's, like, a ZILLION drawings I haven't scanned. Technically, if I want to post something on this blog every day this year - maybe two, three images every post --- I don't have to actually draw anything new this year. O_o;

I will, though. That's why I'm going through the old stuff. Inspiration, see?

One of the things that has changed, it seems like my ego's been decoupled from my drawings - I'm not in the least bit ashamed of showing my old, crappy drawings anymore. Maturity, or apathy? You decide.

The picture you see above is not by any means "my" Ameixia. It's just one of my many attempts at designing her, and one of the ones I like better than most. Maybe due to the whole FFTactics thing with the lack of nose and all. How does she breathe?

This here, on the other hand, is, for one, from the end of 2004. I think it's more 'bout the hair and pose and such, seeing as how we have a past-type Terra in, what looks like a contemporary setting. Or maybe this is Terra Incognito, a few years down the line after she gets reintegrated, or something? I know not. Then, who is that unknown person on the left? Hummm...

Anyway, I'll go dig through my old stuff now, then I'll try and draw something that's actually new.

Heh, Chapter 1, Page 12, Frame 6. My source of inspiration there was obvious.

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