Friday, March 2, 2007

Something pointless for today / away

Dunno, just wanted to paint-paint something.

News: I will be away for the next nine days. Well, sorta. I'll be at my parent's place which has a decent computer system and a 512K connection - AND a scanner. So, I really won't have an excuse for not posting something every day. I've already prepared two comic-related posts, but I should be able to do some pencil stuff, in any case...

However, I'm flaky. It may be that I won't, and there probably won't be a good reason for it, so I thought I should warn you beforehand.

I did draw something else besides that thing up there, too... but it was so awful, I'd rather forget it for now. Drawings have the habit of looking better after you leave them be for a while.

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