Monday, March 5, 2007

Doodling / I wonder if this will be #1 of doodles?

I so do have a good reason for Saturday: I woke up after noon - no good reason for that - and after breakfast and such, I went and ran D&D for nine hours.

Sketchydoodles. Two things I like here, feel free to guess what they are.

Okay, so... technically it's Monday. But the day doesn't really change 'til I get sleep... does it?
Black ballpoint... Nicely flowing and unforgiving for errors, which teaches... something or other.
I don't generally use eraser all that much in the first place, but still...

1 comment:

Benjamin A. said...

You've been sketching. That's all good in my book. :D

(Glances at journal.)

Seriously, it's good in my book. You've got a good thing going, like me with my journal: something every day.