Saturday, March 10, 2007

doodling #3 / to be continued

First of all, pci=nommconf. That's kinda important, trust me.
In other news, Vista is pretty, but pointless, and ReactOS is not mature enough.
Why does 'Vista' pass spell-check, though... I'll never know.

In any case, no good reason. Five out of Nine.

Once again, I seem to be looking for something, without knowing what it is. I am finding something in the black-and-white line - it forces a discipline on me... or something. I haven't reached it, yet, though.

Perhaps it's the quality I was at, back when I posted stuff on the old forums. I liked those quite a bit, actually. This, for an example---
Which reminds me, floating PHP is scary... one can never be sure where that will point in the future.

Oh, and... I'll upload all of Something2006 after I can be sure they don't contain any more spoilers.

I'm kinda picky when it comes to spoilers. Such an annoying character trait.

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