Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Something / This is me blocked

Ugh. It's horrible.

I really didn't want to draw something KayZeeish, but that's what I got. Well, at least it's not another drawing of Terra's head.

I... Can't.... Draw!

But, it'll pass. and, while I can't draw anything sensible, or reasonable, at least throwing lines at a paper, digital or not, will keep me in shape, or some equivalent thereof.

Open Canvas, once again. Very un-upencanvassy drawing, though. I need to do more pencil-on-actual-dead-tree-paper stuff. Because I want to. Oh well, at least I'm getting some studying done.

Also, it looks like the server is infested by six-legged spider-rabbits. Oh yay.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Old Stuff #2

This would be the initial version of this page. It's amusing in it's own way....

The dialogue is pretty much the same as in the published page, except chibi-Saturn also said "Don't worry --- I'll take care of it" or something to that effect in there. Date for this one is 3rd of August, 2004. The one published seems to have been 13. January, 2005.

Er... Oops?

the GD-chibi was redesigned, which... probably was the cause for the revision of this page.

Drawing chibis isn't easy. I have a distinct tendency to veer towards the correct proportions and whatnot all the time. Annoying.
Hmm. I wonder if I should label all the old stuff as, well, old-stuff or somesuch.

Monday, January 29, 2007


Today was, most decidedly not a good day. *sigh*

Sooo distracted.... I did come up with a decent spaghetti sauce recipe, but that' s not much... Oh, and I did go for a walk, and wash dishes... but, but, BUT, what I WANTED was to.... Well, nevermind that, actually, for now. Chubby sushi and all that.

Perspective, my old foe, we meet again! This time it didn't turn out all that bad. Anyway, inspired by Classic, chapter 10-2g.

I guess I can't classify this as Something, even though it's something.... Ah well. Open Canvas all the way - I'm actually experimenting a bit, to see what these look like at not-fullsize --- I often work on OpenCanvas at the same resolution as the final image, which... doesn't give that sharp a result.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Li'l bit of N.E.T.T.G

From what is now called 'Classic', from chapter 10-2F:

"And I am Sailor Chibivenus," Chibivenus mock-preached to the nonexistent foe. She shook her little fists around. "I fight for love, justice," her tone grew more excited, "dance parties, all-night wine keggers," her breathing became more labored, "fairies, drunken stardragons," a tear came to her eye, "dwarves with unshaven beards, elves that love to play the lute," she sniffled, "magic pixies that you can suck on, carnival attractions, ponies that you can ride on," her voice started to crack, "toga parties, butterflies, unicorns that use bad language," she covered her heart with her right hand, "Venus, I love you! I fight for you! I fight for Truth, and Justice, and, and…"

The other three Sailor Chibiscouts grew nervous as Sailor Chibivenus went on and on about details from her homeworld, and started to sweat when she broke out into a full-blown chorus of "Venus the Beautiful," the Venusian Planetary Anthem. Her vowels became longer, dropping back into her native drawl.

o/Oh, Veee-ee-nus, oh, Veee-ee-nus, Mah love gawt shed on yooou!
And crown thy good, with mother-hood,
From Vee to shining Veeeeeeeeeee!\o

Sailor Chibivenus went to her knees, weeping huge tears of joy. She took a few breaths in an effort to contain herself. "I'm sorry," she whispered to her friends, her voice returned to normal, "it's just that," she explained, "home is such a wonderful place."

"Hmm," all three hummed in semi-agreement.

Ahh, lovely.

Saturday, January 27, 2007


Yay for Blizzard!

It's really hard to find good Protoss Archon reference. Apparently, they do have feet, and while
the Protoss generally have wide chests, their arms are kinda skinny. Also, two thumbs.

My art does have a general tendency to be sloppy. Thus, I'm using methodology which guarantees relatively crisp results. However, the cost is time. I believe the shortest time a single comic page has taken, ever, is something like seven hours. Rather suboptimal in many ways, but the reason I draw for Ben is out of love for his stories, not necessarily to show these stories to others... Although that's fun too. But, I'm greedy like that, and if drawing can cause Ben to write more, then...

Lost my trail of thought, there. This implies I was most likely ranting. Never mind, never mind.

Old Stuff #1

'm so sleepy.
The above picture involves Trista, wonky shape-shifting bladed weapons, Goth girls who wield them, Ex-vampires and other assorted silliness.

Heh, Goths.

I'm posting this in case I won't make it today... which seems likely. I'm sooo sleepy. Spent the day doing... no, the day, just sort of... went. Annoying. I'll post something after I wake up, + 2-3 hours, or so. Or maybe a bit later, I've agreed to meet a friend for a game of Go tomorrow, but I'm not sure of the scheduling for that, yet.

Anyway, the above is somewhat nifty, and has the whole chiaroscuro thing going for it, which is something I'll use if and when something gets drawn on the thing. Ben and I have been thinking of it also in terms of story, but sometimes I wonder if that is quite correct....

Friday, January 26, 2007

Keep it Simple, Sailor!

I don't think this is junk. OpenCanvas is by far my favourite tablet-painting software - even if I use the ancient 1.something version. This image was brought to you by Disgaea artbook.

This is my "No new comic tonight" picture for today, so to speak. You can ask me for the event file, if you want it, it's not very interesting, though.

  • Something wrong with the face
  • I don't get along with pink
  • No cloak,
  • Missing details on the Tiara
Those I spotted off the top of my head.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

To post or not to post

I wonder... Should I post NETTG:TEY spoiler type stuff here? Or rather, some of the raw frames, which will appear at a size around 200 pixels wide in the final comic, and such. Seeing as how I didn't draw anything specific here today.

Or did I? I don't think I did. So, I didn't, so there. :P

I have lots and lots of stuff I could post... I've just been trying to stick to new stuff. Even if I didn't draw much last year, I did draw, like, forty to eighty drawings. But that's all old stuff.
Anyway, I'll listen to comments, or you could post on the board ( via nettg, donchaknow? )

I do constantly worry whether the pencil drawings are sharp and clear enough - Ben spent the first year we did NETTG:TEY - not sure if it was even called so at that point - telling me to draw cleaner lines.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Azalea, i seem to recall.

Junk junk junk junk I spent waay too much time on. Ah well. I was trying to experiment with something or other. Color, mostly, I'd guess. I have trouble limiting myself to just a small set of colors. Plus, I don't use yellow often enough.

Doing this with my luvly Wacom Graphire3 seemed to be somehow less effort than using pencil and paper, and scanning it. I guess I'm not yet used to the speed of my new scanner-slash-printer thingy. Annoying Epson, which insists half-full cartridges are empty. Grr.

Since I don't really have anything to say - it's a drawing, I posted it - I'll end with a quote from "Terra in Tokyo":

"FOR THE LAST TIME, NO!" Luna shouted back. "I'm not some sort of magical wish-granting goddess that can sometimes build you a secret base with a restaurant on top!"

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Knight Zero

Now, where is her arm? I know not. it's just tactically behind the body so you can't see it? Also there are other mistakes, but that's why it's Something(TM)!

The color scheme is actually wrong - I'm thinking the blue should be more towards blue-green, also someone stole her Tiara, the pose is weird and... well, bunch of stuff is bad. Still, all in all it's semi-advanced color.

Inspired by reading MacHall today.

if it's Something(TM) it might almost be junk. Or worse than junk. Digressing... In any case, I spent too long on this, so that's all you're getting today, so there!

I need to draw more KZ with mask on, though... and with the gauntlet visible.

Monday, January 22, 2007


Gotta start somewhere!

In any case, this one is... something. or rather Something. Basically, I'm not capable of drawing specific things a lot of the time - it's a form of Artist's Block, and I haven't been drawing often enough to get through it. However, I can draw, very specifically Something(tm) a lot more often - that is, put pencil on paper, see what comes out.