Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Extra! Extra! I'm just an Extra!

Blah hands, very flat... I liked the cleanliness of the lines so much I didn't want to put in too much shading, so it doesn't look very good. But hey, there's soem background! That's always awesome! The costume design is verymuch work-in-progress.


Chibi-terra would like to apologize for the lack of Arbyfish.

...Is it just me, or are all my hair styles starting to look the same?

In any case, I'm staring at the Glen Keane speech thingy and generally still in animation-mode. Haven't animated anything yet. There's this huge mental block there... Not as huge as the one blocking me from working on the comic gets from time to time, but nevertheless, at least one size category larger, so it gets +4 on grapple checks.


Cobalt said...

I think your hairstyles are just getting a bit tamer and more realistic rather than all looking the same. Harder to tell them apart for that reason but definitely different.

reminds me of that fairy girl from fern gully, no idea why... lol

Esa Karjalainen said...

Oy. Gotta get away from that. I get enough realism in real life.... Then again, if it's not a main character, it doesn't need spiky hair... ;)

Benjamin A. said...

Plain is good for non-main characters. :D