Friday, October 9, 2009


That's all.

Science of Discworld is a very good book, too.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dragonball Evolution

A very bad movie. It was so bad I had to watch it four times.

Four words
: Tiny Lizard Sheng Long.

The actor wossname was just fine as a teen Goku. It's very... in Tokyo.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mangled this one up quite badly

So... yeah. Face was in a strange angle, and wasn't paying too much attention to proportions. Generally, I've had an 'off' day all day long. Lots of relatively interesting coding things circling in my mind right now, but no focus. 

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Something is more of the same.

Ah, advertisement. What would I do without you :P

Y'know I've been drawing somethings for four years now. I started after a year of drawing almost nothing, as Ben and I figured, "something's better than nothing". 

Time goes so incredibly fast. 

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Something is moar ad spam

Same as before, snailmail spam -> sloppy drawing. Actually looked at values a bit harder, this time.

My 3d OpenGL engine doesn't currently like meshes mixing quads and triangles, at least not in the same mesh. I wonder if that'll be a problem. OTOH, one can just select all faces and say "Turn to triangles" in Blender... 

I tested with some raw data -> copypasta. I'm thinking of writing a raw reader, just to hasten testing. I'm .... but, I'm rambling about something I haven't really talked about before, so nevermind.

Basically, it relates to something like this:

As you can see, I did write a RAW reader. 
Blender .Raw exports everything separately, so I had to load multiple meshes for this output - got to test my GLScene's capability of rendering multiple meshes. Neat.

Oh, and I convert quads to tris on the fly, although not 100% sure if that works.

So I learned something new today.

Not much of anything, admittedly, but SOMEthing

Okay, so I'm doing some OpenGL stuff, and once you've hand-written in one cube's quads, you start already feeling, "importing meshes from file formats can't be that hard." So, I took a look at what Blender exports.

Blender is... almost easy, these days. The UI looks terribly complicated, but it isn't. I did suffer a bit with texturing, but even that gets a bit easier. The stomach side is undone, and the mesh is broken in places right now. I'm going to have to leave it segmented too - this 'fish is meant for NWN1, which has some... basically, it doesn't animate much of anything --- or rather, it doesn't transform meshes. it just moves them around.  So, head and body at least need to be separate. 

...Not that I'll ever get done, seriously. I was just looking for file formats, is all. This just happened to be in the folder I was exporting cubes into.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Something the thirteenth.

Warmup. Referenced from an ad dropped in my mailbox. 

OpenGL is kinda neat. Well, no. But, a 3d API is kinda neat, VS. making one yourself. 
Still gotta do that at some point, just for kicks, but....

Well, that was... colorful. I had this lineart I drew, and started pushing and prodding it in OC, and ended up with this mess.

Now, mind you, I did learn something, perhaps, while doing it, but it sure ain't pretty. Despite all the pretty colors, too. I do like the teef, though.

Monday, May 11, 2009

I think I've told about this before

My planning was unfortunate for that game.

Edited in OpenCanvas, which Ben got me a while back. 

Oh, a quick speed tip: RAMDrives! Modern computers typically have 2-4 GB of RAM, and I generally have over 1TB idling.

So, I created a compressed RAM drive and pointed my Temp files there. This speeds up NWN2 load times, at least, significantly. 
you could even transfer an entire game into a RAM drive for play time, or at least it's resource files, and point the .ini files at them. I'm sure there's plenty of other similar tricks that can be done. Uses for a RAM drive are many.

Whipped up something. 

Probably my favourite chibi. Nice, B&W color scheme, not as complicated as Chibi-GD - who is also quite nice, actually.

Where does the time go?

Bleh bleh bleh. Not all in all that bad, but still bad.

Discovered kumikyouku niconico douga. I've been feeling fannish about Touhou series for a while - and they recently got an animation, too. Some of the most ridiculously overpowered characters there, based on some Troper's  analysis. As we all know, ultimate power is kinda neat.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Third in a series

I pretentiously might call this one 'Genesis'. Spot the other two and get a virtual cookie!

Took actually something like thirty minutes, although I sort of idled... but, there was also this interesting thread about, y'know, context and, ugh, meaning.
I have an aversion towards all sorts of artiste nonsense, but it's not like it's entirely pointless.

Oh, and I almost always trip at first on the fact that Terra's practically a BABY. Her head is like, one-third of her height. The anatomy of a child that young is significantly different from older people's.

Everyone knows ConceptArt, but if I knew of Pixelation, I had forgotten.
Not that much code-stuff today, mostly just website backend stuff - a basic MVC framework in PHP, I did. I decided on JSON as a data storage format, since I don't want to turn postgres on....
This probably means there'll be minimal further development on my CSV - class. Oh well.
I'll probably do some joystick-controlled OpenGL cubes this weekend, at some point.

Still no job nor money. If I lose this apartment, then I lose it. That's life.
It's a shame, though - for what I pay for it, it's a relatively nice place.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Art! // Jittery 'n jumpy

Took almost long - maybe ten minutes. 

How much win can be fit into one thread? when it's a low-poly modelling thread at polycount, quite a bit. 

I didn't know flash could do that. I mean, quakelive, yeah, but it effectively downloads a rather large module first...

Very tired, energetic and thus jittery. Still stuff, lots of stuff... I'll start making sense eventually, but I'm in no hurry.

Art! // Insomnia-time!

About 2 minutes something.

Yeah, it's that time of the year, again. I'll be getting a good night's sleep sometime mid-october next, I believe.

I lost my sleep mask and I can't afford to buy a new one. I can't afford to buy anything, actually - I have no expected income and almost a kilo in bills.

I'm mostly happy right now. I'm doing something useful every day, like studying, coding, or job hunting. Also quite a bit of exercising.

Been spending time getting familiar with SDL - did some blitting, moving, keyboard input and such today. I expect to have an OpenGL scene with smooth shaded boxes sometime... um, next tuesday, maybe. On one hand, I have a test on Monday, on the other, I compiled SDLGears today, so I have some example to go on.

I'll probably encapsulate all the GL-junk in a GLScene class of some sort. Digressing.

Been hooked on Google Tech Talks, too. Set up a git repository on Trista (the old linux laptop).

Urge to draw is rising, too, but it's sort of low priority. I wish....
If wishes were horses....

Um. I really should be sleeping. I am tired. It's light outside, I can't get no sleep.

Monday, April 27, 2009


Okay, so according to one's standard eldritch-horror type view of the universe, nothing makes sense, nothing matters on any larger scale, and the entirety of all humanity ever accomplished will be for nothing. 

Got that? Cool. 

Now, naturally since nothing is of any particular importance, and you could die in about two seconds after reading this, you can pretty much choose yourself what you want your life to be about, what is your purpose, basically what you want to do. 

Which is your basic "You are the main character of your life" spiel.

I've been looking at my motivations for a while now, trying to see if they're the reason for my lack of, what I see as accomplishments, in my life, thus far. And....

I am indeed lacking in motivation, in drive, in the need to get things done. 

Sure, there are things I wish for - for good things for everyone, for nice, hedonistic things for myself, and, and I do care about people, at least on some level. It hurts when they're hurting and all that.

It's just... I don't really care for things, at least, per se. I've practically trained myself to NOT care for items. I mean, I love stories quite a bit, but I do not need to own any sort of physical media for them, or to even experience them twice... and I don't particularily care which of the various good stories I get to see... or, at this point, with the amount of stories I've already digested, if I even experience further stories.  

Other material goods seem equally pointless, I cannot really think of any I cannot do without. 

Personality-wise, I'm an introverted recluse, so while I do actually enjoy human company, I can do with a very frugal amount of it. 

Relationship-wise - well, okay, I'm a bit lonely, but I'm quite accustomed to it, and to be in a relationship would once again be, most likely, an equal mix of, well, various things.

I have some self-esteem issues, so it's hard to see myself ever accomplishing anything relevant, but I might have some interests there. Still, at best I would accomplish the same things thousands have before me.

I do like having a warm, dry place to sleep, eating, sleeping and washing regularily. Although it would be somewhat less bothersome if I didn't need to do those things. 

I'm sorry, I guess I'm just feeling particularily apathetic right now.

So, what's my motivation in this scene?

Friday, April 24, 2009

John Carpenter Recycled IN SPACE!

Fun dreams: 

A ragtag team of misfits, if you like, some veteran spacers, some total newbies, start on a voyage on a heavily-armored old junker with blast doors on every cargo hold. 

In one, sealed and locked, a tiny xenomorph is discovered. This is enough to panic the veterans, but the little thing seems relatively harmless to those with less experience, and eventually most of the crew comes to take a look at the thing. Things, however, are worse than they seem.

In fact, what the hold contains is a mimic, capable of infecting and possessing other lifeforms... and there's no idea who are infected, including the viewpoint character ( in this case: the dreamer. )

Thought I'd mention it. Title comes from, y'know. Fever always gives me fun dreams. Well, sometimes. Well, once or twice.

With web links and,  y'know, subtext becomes text.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Exorcising a story idea from my mind.

This is just one of the random things bouncing in my head. The idea would be to describe an RPG campaign in the style of Darths & Droids or DM of the Ring.

You'll never actually see it, since I'm no good at writing, but the idea could potentially be amusing, at least.

The story goes something like this:

GM: I've been planning this new campaign, in the spirit of wuxia movies, set in... I'm not really sure. Mythic China seems the obvious choice, but I've been thinking, maybe something like modern day but with supernatural elements - you know, kinda like The Medallion or... well, it's a work in progress. Interested?

As-of-unnamed-player: I guess... which rules will you be using?

GM: Well, I was thinking, we could stick to the stuff available for free in the web, so maybe D20 SRD and D20 modern SRD, using Gestalt...

A-o-u-p: Gestalt? With Modern? You'll get some really high-powered characters that way. I mean, not that I mind that much, but players will be wanting quite a bit of combat.

GM: Yeah, that's pretty much what I'm after. If you're interested, why don't you try creating a character? You don't have to fill it all the way out yet, we'll check it before I approve of it. We'll start at level, oh, five or six. Maybe six.



Aoup: ...So, what do you think?

GM: A nine-year old half-giant natural were-ape monk? Are you serious?

Aoup: Well, yeah, although I'm thinking of it as a more of a new race, with tail.

GM: Apes don't have a tail, you know? Oh well...

GM: .... Fine. You can have your tail. I'm also making you twelve, and giving your some stat penalties instead of a level adjustment, so it'll hopefully be playable. You do realize that you only have that high strenght in ape or hybrid form, right? And you'll still likely be terribly underpowered.

Aoup: Nah, I have a good feeling about this one. Besides, if I die, I can roll a new one, right?

GM: Whatever. I still say you're going to be terribly underpowered.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Moar Japan - Shibuya

It's been more than a year since I posted some pictures. I really have no excuse for that. Still...
Um, okay, this system of tracking passengers was, in fact, new to me. I think this is the Yūtenji station. There's a really nice bookstore not far from here, and a rather nice fast food place right next to it. We were rather puzzled about it's name, but it seems my katakana reading prevailed, eventually.

The park in... uh, close to Hiroo. I think.

Nice small waterfall.

The Awesome!Dog

Encountered somewhere between a 100yen shop and the Finnish embassy.

The obligatory Hachiko shot. I took a few shots around there. As we later discovered, a trip to Shinjuku would'a been proper. Oh well, hindsight.... fortunately we didn't lose much. I was completely lost at this point, and I eventually took a solo trip just to learn how to navigate in Tokyo. That's the good thing about a long enough trip, you can "waste" time and no harm's done....

Yep.... Shibuya....

Here's the thing... there aren't many "Real" cities in Finland, if any. Oulu definitely isn't one. The photo doesn't give the right impression, but the Shibuya station is mind-bogglingly huge. Someone like me who's lived in cities with 5-digit population cannot easily grasp such sizes. I got completely lost in the shibuya terminal at one point, during my solo trip... and that's just a small fragment of Shibuya, which is a small fragment of Tokyo. I mean, Tokyo is practically a country on it's own, and I heavily advocate separating a trip to Japan from a trip to Tokyo.

Next time, more of life at Hanne's apartment and the first of our many trips to Akihabara .

That's not bad

Sort of fashion-y. I was actually going for fantasy, but, whatever. Had fun with the folds, even though they kinda suck, as I am out of practice.

I was thinking, not strictly speaking of a roleplaying character, but more of a RPG mechanics verse character, in a story idea that's pouncing in my brain.
I like RPG mechanics for a story, as it prevents overt plot-induced idiocies, like superhumans being beaten by random norms... or Buffyverse vampires, with their spongy chests and vapour clothers. (Seriously, a normal human can stake a vampire with a pencil. What's up with that?)

I have several stories bouncing in my brain, most of them bad or underdeveloped, and they'll probably never see the light of day. 

A bit unrelated, but I'm trying something odd involving imagination...

Yeah, vague. 

I shall endeavor to explain that better at some instance in the future.

Also, doodles!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Is 'Hope' an emotion or a decision?

I see it referred to as the first, but I feel the second applies better.

Sharpie on paper, 30 seconds or so. I should'a drawn it facing the other way, after finishing the eyes, but draw like this by rote. 

Thousand Shinji, very YMMV. It is probably not a good indicator it gives me the Things Don't Work Like That vibe - not quite a WallBanger, but... I find the other WH40k crossover better, even if both take quite a few liberties with various things. 

Children of an Elder God remains my favourite. Probably. Although, it seems to be abandoned.

My mental health remains... not so good. 

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Doodleriffic, 3-5 min?

I almost just hit delete with this, but I decided to put a bit more effort into it, and as it turns out, it has few nice elements in it.

This is not a return to a regular or constant update schedule. 


Friday, March 13, 2009

A million things

Didn't I, like, use to draw something like this?
Lately, there's been much depression and little art. Or, at least, apathy. My particular mental quirks are rather harmful, especially if kept unchecked. Then again, anything without moderation is harmful.