Monday, November 28, 2011


I recently got moderately hooked (about 40 hours spent ) on DC Universe Online. This gave me the push to also evaluate few other games, specifically Champions Online and World of Warcraft. 

The UI is significantly worse in both CO and WoW - in fact, CO has a rather similar UI to WoW. However, WoW is TERRIBLY, HORRIBLY boring, unlike CO. 
The reason seems obvious. 
In CO, you start out by thwarting an alien invasion. 
In WoW, you kill a bunch of things, then another bunch of things, then another bunch of things, and so forth. 
Also, in CO as well as DCUO, you start with a movement power - flight, super-speed, parkour, whatnot. In WoW, about one third of the time is spent running s l o w l y back to the quest giver with nothing happening. 

Both CO and WoW use the, in my opinion, rather boring mechanic of target enemy, activate power, wait for recharge, activate power.... 


Still, I'll probably keep on putting a bit of time in them, at least until I reach level 20 in WoW. 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sucker Punch

I didn't like it.
It's a sad thing to say about a movie with obvious anime influences, not to mention
but, there you have it.
I just find the injustices shown in the film to be of precisely the sort that makes me want to turn into a beast with a face made out of blades.
That sort of a thing.