Thursday, March 29, 2007

Terra in Pixel Land

64x64 pixel, 20 color Terra portrait done with free version of Graphics Gale. A quite nice piece of software.

I was mainly inspired by this tutorial here.

I'm really not very good with pixel graphics. I mean, I'm better than I was back when I did these two for GDM, in 2003:
Blown up to double size, I think.

There are some things I like of them, but they're definitely not as clean and neat as sprites are supposed to be. They're also terribly asymmetrical. Still, they probably fulfilled their purpose of testing the adventure mode. Maybe.

Chesu does a much better job, all in all. I mean, sure, he uses some pre-existing sprites as a starting point, but I'm not going to hold that against him - I mean, it keeps a consistent look to the whole thing. Not to mention how incredibly tiny they are... I think they're 32x16 pixel sprites, originally - maybe due to the hardware limitations of SNES. These days there's no limit to what size one can make them sprites.

Ah well, I like the flow and energy in my asymmetric, sloppy terra sprites. I'm sure they're actually salvageable with a bit of work, if it ever becomes necessary.


Cobalt said...

I quite like the Terra sprite there. The head is good at least even if the rest is abit untidy.

Esa Karjalainen said...