Monday, March 5, 2007

Iteration 1 / Making Of #2

No big top image this time. In any case, this is the "official" Monday post, and the previous one is the "Official" Sunday post, so there!

Iteration 1 was my attempt to quickly reach the end of chapter 1 back in 2004. These are the pages created back then. 01-17 and 01-18 were used practically as-is. Parts after that went through some significant changes.

In any case, they do have some good ideas I'm still somewhat fond of, so here they are.

When talking of the Galactic Destroyer, using it requires so much CG-work later on, one might make a joke about blue screens and special effect budget, to continue the metaphor of a live action TV show for the webcomic. But I won't, right now, because I can't think of anything. So there. Urrr....

01-19 was replaced by this version, which isn't that bad, either. Plus, I like how the official version shows a bit more of the Galactic Destroyer's evolution.

Never-the-less, I like the extreme perspective view of QS, and the GD getting blown away --- I was probably watching Fullmetal Alchemist at the time. Also, the GD in the second frame is nice.

You have seen 01-20 before. As I mentioned before, I quite like the chibi-drawings in the middle, and the background action - Saturn chasing the Chibi-GD - in the last one. Beyond that, it's kinda weak.

The last frame has a distinct foreground-background thing going on, though, which is nice.

01-21 is sort-of a new page! Except that it was effectively rolled to 01-20, plus the dialogue is kinda weird there. I like the angry Science-Terra with GD-aura, and the "Final Planet-wide solution" thing. Also, there are older designs for Sailor Kawaii and Sailor Nuke.

I liked the "Free For All!" thing so much I had to put it into the actual page, too -- even if it's practically invisible.

So... What do you think? Is the official version the better one, or did you find this version of our exposition explosion to be the more entertaining one?

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Cobalt said...

I'm half and half. the official one is better done but this one has more characters (sort of) introduced and is crazier overall.

As for entertainment, having them both out here in the wild is nice because its like a half-update that's entertaining to read even if it isn't technically new and is interesting as well because of the commentary you provide with it.