Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A weird hand thing

I promised two posts, didn't I?

Seven hours to wakeup. Um. Nervous much? Not consciously, no. Subconsciously... my neck and back muscles are really really tense.

Arts are doodle-riffic.

So. First a 6-hour train to Helsinki, then a 9-hour flight to Japan, then something like 4 hours to Tokyo. Oy. That's a lot of travelling.

If I have computer access, I shall post something somewhere, in some language.

Hopefully, I'll come back better than I left.

It's there, then it's gone / Death By Scanner

Um. Yay for floating heads? This scanner is okay, but it has the tendency to scan kinda light...

I couldn't draw hands for the life of me. ;_;

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Silly idea, so outdated etcetera.

I'm not a particularly good Dungeon Master, but I am quite up to date and I do have a keen understanding of the rules. Basically, I have a bachelor's degree on DMing. Possibly a master's degree.

Never-the-less, warts and all, I kind of do like the system. Still, I'd rather be playing.

In any case, a plot-device mage went *splat* a while ago, and AFAIK, his recovery tactic is contingent reincarnate.

Reincarnate is superior to other death recovery methods mainly due to the fact that
The magic of the spell creates an entirely new young adult body for the soul to inhabit from the natural elements at hand
Two days to Japan. Two more posts, then.

Blue Warrior Needs Food Badly

This image doesn't relate to Gauntlet in any way. I've only played the first one, really, on a C64.
Leaving soon... I have an intention to post every day 'til I leave, but I'm out of scannable material.

Friday, January 25, 2008

I is done with DnD almost.

Well, almost, anyway. That is, the big adventure is over, and I can now leave that particular campaign lie with good conscience. People got to level 23, and then they were eaten by big dinoes.

Medetashi, medetashi.

I have no idea what that means, but that's what popped out of my phrasebook. ( See: How Esas learn languages. )

In any case, today's drawing is new, and quite awful, but not so awful that I wouldn't post it. I think it looks like Terra Incognita, maybe.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Happy sad

Hmm. This is one of those I might have posted before. I like the nose.

Coming up with titles... is something I don't generally put much effort into. In this case, the ultimate source was this song. Not sure if it actually relates to the image.

Now, I'll need to draw some new stuff. I need at least a few days' worth. Cannot guarantee posting.

Well, not generally speaking, but specifically not during February. I'll try to let you know if I'm alive.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New junk, old junk?

Sadly, this is probably the most refined drawing I've done in the last four months, with exception of the one day before yesterday. When you're in a slump, you're in a slump, I guess.

Reminds me of Gouki of Street Fighter fame, kind of.

I scanned some things, but I'm not entirely sure if I've posted them before. I'm relatively sure I haven't....

Monday, January 21, 2008

Floating head a day keeps something something

This is just way cool. It's a very sketchy doodle-y thingy - and it's a floating head even, but it just... it has somethign that doesn't go right for my drawings very often.

Looks kinda like Signum from Nanoha.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

So NOW I get my thing back.

Terra, a ***toss, assassin perhaps. A Dark Te**ar. Incriminating scene.

I've been watching sufficiently Hayate no Gotoku.

I really was hibernating, maybe.

Or just the panic is unlocking something. I'm definitely having some trouble sleeping.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

One of those things I wouldnt' really post...

Mm... Some cuteness, some dynamics. Sketchy junk. There's some even sketchier stuff still remaining. I may end up scanning some of it eventually.

Even junk is better than nothing

So. Leaving to Japan in two weeks.

Due to Ben's urging I'm scanning and posting some stuff I don't want to. I've posted some equally bad stuff before, but....

I dunno. Maybe I'm coming out of hibernation?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My dreams are getting weirder.

I must be nervous 'bout the approaching trip to Japan.
Last night, worms ate the world.

Feel free to skip the rest.

It all started with space snails. Wait, no. It all started with trains, and then there was that thing about the cannibalistic Santa in the united states, and his demented family. Then, the trains, and the snails. They were sort of dirty gray with flat mouths and many eyes. They also were hundreds of feet long, around 10ft wide and there were hundreds of them.

Their presence was kept in secret, so I assume the Powers-That-Be must have already given up on the planet.

Apparently some sort of a rescue/evacuation plan was in effect, as the trains seemed to dock directly into some sort of a space ship ( Which was already in space!! Dream logic. ) Bruce Campbell had a cameo role here, and that's when my superpowers came back online. Thank you, Bruce!

Let me 'splain... No, that'd take too long, let me sum up: Wayback I used to fiddle 'round with Lucid Dreaming, and as a consequence, I ended up with a sort of a "standard" set of superpowers, probably stolen from the X-Men: Telekinesis which goes on-and-off, ability to walk through... well, most objects. Sometimes they seem hard or sort of viscous, but it's a matter of concentration, and flight. There are others, but I expect to have at least those, and am vaguely disappointed when I wake up.

Still, the snails weren't that bad compared to the worms. Apparently the snails were what these humongous translucent polypoid worms fed on, and so they came. They were big, huge, stretching from horizon to horizon, impossibly long and quite impressive. Also very very fast.

I decided I couldn't just abandon the rest of the planet, so I travelled back to my hometown. There, people didn't yet know about what had happened, but of course, soon I could see a mass flowing across the horizon. I couldn't just let them be, so I launched my Finger Beams ( Didn't know I had any. Dream logic... ) which didn't have a visible effect. I've always had trouble with rays and blasts and such, perhaps because those came AFTER I learned to do this stuff - they're always sort of illusionary compared to other stuff.

As a response, the worms released some spores, which caused one of them to develop into a... it was either a Fusion worm or a Fission worm. In any case, a bright red set of globes which was apparently very dangerous somehow. ( The Russians had apparently decided to use nukes to take one of them out. As a consequence, hundreds of worms had died, but so had the country. )

In any case, I trapped it with my TK, and then had to combine a fusion worm with a fission worm. ( Don't remember which was which. The other worm was sort of yellow. ) This caused the sky turn black, or very dark blue-gray, in a huge area, which actually managed to lure the worm's natural enemy, this sort of orange-y sky-filling Cthulhoid starfish to the planet.

And that's when I woke up more-or-less. I was left sort of worried if we'd now have to take care of the starfish thing after it was done with the worms, but it would probably just leave the planet after it was done. Yays.

Maybe the title should've been, "When I saved the planet from ginormous worms" Instead, but that's not as fun.

I might've told more 'bout the Cannibalistic Santa, but it was creepier and more dream-like, and not as interesting as the worm-thing IMO.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Ben emailed me a link to the Lina vs. Nanoha video, which I've seen before, and I wrote this as a reply, then decided it was so boring everyone might as well see it. Or something.

I've been looking at DnD Nanoha ( dnd? again? *sigh* ) and it's interesting and tricky, since blasters are Weak weak weak weak weak.
There's ONE really powerful blasting-spell and even that requires you to bind the target in place for the duration. ( The second level "Scorching Ray" which might have been included in the NWN2 expansion is also really powerful, but you need some advanced trickery to make the most of it. Summa Summarum, if you focus on that spell for the entirety of your DnD career, you can get something like 144d6 out of it, once per day. Really not worth it, though. )

in NWN2 blasters are EXTRA-weak - even with the cheesy Missile Storm spells, since everyone automatically gets max HP. ( they should have just gone with the average, but meh... )

A Lina-type mage isn't that bad since she's actually a traditional backlines caster ( and she's from a fantasy parody anyway ). Nanoha's mobility I might manage to simulate in an actual game, but the game style cannot properly be emulated in NWN2.

Negi Sprinfield is down-right impossible since he went warrior-mage, in NWN. It's just not cost-effective. T_T

one nice thing in NWN2 is, in fact, the party size - bugs and stupid AI and all --- since it ALLOWS you to play a mage more like it's played in the actual game - using AoEs and softeners and Save-or spells. Not like NWN1's Nova monstrosities ( which was pretty much a must, since you needed to do the HP damage yourself. )

Gishes are still a bit tricky - mainly due to the very long time it takes for them to get their shields up. T_T I haven't tested proper, well-planned Wizard gishes yet, though (Self-shades+mirror image+shadow shield might be sufficient, boost-wise)
Oh, I'll be in Japan the entirety of next February, by the way.