Sunday, March 18, 2007

Doodling #6 - maybe I need a new tag for these?

I have become proficient with child-Terra - I often draw her when I can't think of anything else, or when warming up.

Muscled guys are a good way to figure stuff out with anatomy and tension and such, thus they pop up from time to time. All that easy-to-follow anatomy...

You'd probably miss it, but my favourite here is actually the gesture drawing of a handstand hidden on the right side of Chibi-Saiyajin... But all in all, I like a lot of stuff here.

The NETTG-related stuff came to be as I was done drawing all that weight and posture and anatomy stuff, thinking of Terra who can pull off supernatural strength stunts if need be. ( Uses energy, according to my calculations. ) Then I continued thinking of good drawing and how every figure should basically be recognizable by it's silhouette, so I drew Chibi-Saturn --- who also had a lousy pose, and there ya go. Pose-wise, Chibi-Saiyan wins.


Cobalt said...

Objection: when supporting a load your pose in inherently undynamic as the joints are locked and your balance precarious. however she does look like she is overcompensating for the implied weight. It's only a small table XD

also, has arby eaten a cat there? o_O

Esa Karjalainen said...

Yes, he has.

Not a table, although I understand where you get the idea. Basically, the top runs out of paper.

If I was a better artist, I could make it more dynamic. Maybe through using a different angle, or something... although, now that a few moments have passed, I kinda like that Terra there.