Sunday, March 18, 2007

Something in black and white, random fanart.

Trying to think in shades, spotting blacks and such. Drew very distinct muscles again, then thought, I might as well make it a certain easily recognizable character. And such.

JPEG-artifacts ate the third arbyfish, so here's where it should've been:

It's like, subtle or something. JPEG-artifacts kinda killed it, though... Oh well, cannot be helped.
For a change, today's painting was done in Paint Shop Pro 9. I probably should try doing some chiaroscuro ( which sorta sounds like shirokuro, ) with pen and inks - I'd be able to pay more attention to the details.

Well, it's something. I can always draw Something. and Terra, it seems.


Anonymous said...

Quite the Gokuness of it all!

Ahh, DBZ. The model for absurdly escalating super-powered battles. No matter how powerful a character gets... there's always someone more powerful!

Too bad it got so boring and slow sometimes. Lots of grunting and waiting for actual combat to begin.

Esa Karjalainen said...

Indeed. I think it was most likely catching up to the manga. You can see the same syndrome on Naruto episodes just before the fillers started.