Friday, September 28, 2012

Similarities between Finnish and Japanese Mythologies

I've been browsing Wikipedia, specifically it's descriptions of Finnish mythology.
Basically, a lot of the usual suspects of Japanese mythology - Youkai, Kami, various dead spirit types - have direct counterparts in Finnish mythology.

I may need to take a closer look at this. If I get in the mood, I might blog more on the subject.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Unreal Estate, Lorelei

Okay, so I recently finished reading Anachronauts. Also, I made a decision not to open my computer while at home, during workdays this week.

Withdrawals hit me in about thirty seconds. So, I did chores, went to the gym and finished a sketch I started... um, when did Twoflower start posting Unreal Estate episodes, again? It's definitely been a while.

In any case, I spent about two hours just shading the original sketch. It's not realistic by any count, but looks nice-ish enough.

Oh, yeah. Since I'm not using a computer, I took this pic with my dev phone, A Lumia 800. It has a rather nasty bug - whenever anyone calls, it automatically answers. It's one of the first phones on the market, so I hope that's been fixed in the later phones. Developing phone apps with C# is pure bliss, when compared to, oh, practically any other phone - or at least their default environment.

Friday, August 24, 2012

I'm honestly drunk

Honestly, as in with out a doubt.

Many brain cells (bothans) died to bring you this information.

Okay, so my goal is to be a honest drunk. Least I can do.

I keep hearing these stories of people with memory loss, or loss of inhibitions, when sufficiently sauced, so to speak. My current state of inebriation is due to my workplace peer pressure and me most likely possessing the alcoholist gene. In any case, as I suffer no memory loss, and a limited amount of control loss, I intend to make the most out of it ( many brain cells died etc. )

So, what can I tell you?

  • With my age and training injuries, I have a bunch of constant sources of pain (injuries) which stop bugging me when I'm sufficiently drugged, or drunk.
  • While I'm having trouble focusing my eyes, I retain a majority of my cognitive capacity.
Regarding the second point, I hear that there's a risk of mixing the inane with the profound, so YMMV.
I am, as a concept, interested in the concept of altered states of consciousness, but as a rule, anything that diminishes my general cognitive ability in the long term, is out of the question. Brain cell death due to alcohol, happens occasionally, and mostly due to a combination of (alcoholism gene excuse) + (peer pressure). 

Why you no draw? 
Mm.. okay, I can haz scanner, but it might-or-might-not be a contributor to OS crashes I've been suffering lately. Also, my day job as a software developer, is not super-conductive towards putting drawing medium on a drawing surface. ( not sure if that makes sense ) 

Why I still wanna draw? 
I have dream notebooks. That is, books of about 1/2 inch thick, hardcover, which are filled with comics and drawings from start to end. I see them in my dreams. 

In other words, I dream stories, and even when I don't, I dream scenes. These are draw-worthy. Especially, as my skill is still better than 80-90% of existing web comics. 

(my most recent High Quality web comic discovery being Spinnerette. )

Monday, August 6, 2012

The second part

I may have mentioned this before, but people who don't suffer from depression don't --- can't really understand it.

Right now I'm in a relatively sweet situation, all things considered. Yet, I still get moments where I feel that, that nothing matters and it would be better to just sleep 'til death.

I'm on medication, so it's just moments and not days, and I'm moderately quick to take a hammer to such thoughts - knowing I have depression helps in recognizing these thought patterns which are outside my agenda.

It's a little bit like if, say, your arm was broken.
And you were ashamed of the fact you had a broken arm.
And people told you to just get over it, to get a grip.
And you wanted to get better and do well,
And the pain wasn't so bad anyway,
But you still couldn't get a grip and things kept slipping from your fingers.

It's kind of like that.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Quick character notes, chain link

My brain can be a pretty funky chicken from time to time. I know this to be true, for one of my blog posts - I actually went through my whole blog yesterday - was completely incomprehensible to myself, even, at least without analysis of some sort.

My work laptop really doesn't have the juice to run Diablo 3 - it's manageable with shadows turned off, but who wants to play like that? Hm.

I almost didn't draw anything today ( it's nine minutes to midnight), but I decided to draw something at least. Not very happy with it, not drawing in the sense of a craftmanship, more of a note on some characters.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Chain Reaction

Some sort of a pointy-eared mutant. Looks uncomfortable.

Let's see how long I can keep the chain going.
I've scanned these last two images with I think it's doing something not-nice with the scanner, since they seem kind of extra fuzzy to me.

Regarding an old post, the Schneider keyboard had Cherry MY switches, and was moderately sweet, gave me the mechanical keyboard bug. I've been drooling after Topre Realforce, and  Filco Ninjas, among others.

I got to take a look at my dream notebooks again. There was a scene, where, instead of a black NCC-1701, the Galactic Destroyer arrived in a derelict (yet structurally sound) Titanic, which crashed from the orbit.

The plot in my last dream notebook post seems kind of awesome, actually.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Warming up

Haven't touched pens or pencils in a rather long while. I have a situation where I could reasonably be expected to draw a couple of hours, on a couple of days, most weeks. So, no excuse, let's get on with it.

I've gone a bit messier - years of Ben's nagging gone to waste :P

I'll try to post some pencil warm-ups tomorrow, after I'm back from the gym.

Oh, in other news, I have a job and a gym membership. It's kind of expensive, which I like - not because it's a good gym, which it is - but because it's an incentive, a hook, a manipulator, that makes me go to gym relatively often. I seem to average about 3 times per week, which isn't that efficient, calculating per-visit costs, but it's going to do wonders to my well-being in short order (I've only gone there for about three weeks now. )