Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Something Lunar High Guard / Blocked / Comic

Great timing on the comic! I'm blocked, now!

Oh well, wasn't sure if I remembered how to draw this. The lighter I went with the hair, the more I liked it, but then I had to adjust the skin tone, and... all sorts of things.

In any case, here's additionally the initial version - "Iteration one" of the comic that went up. It has some stuff I like. Speaking of the depressing pace of comic updates, this one is originally dated August, 2004.

I like the way characters look in the middle frame, and the background action in the last one is pretty good. Terra is horrible there, though. It's a bit more 3d, though...

I changed the Chibi-GD design a bit from the one shown here. The wing joint is lower, and shoulders are different... also, the general design is a bit sleeker, and the wings went from batlike to a more alien configuration.

In any case, the page that went up --- actually has fifteen drawings, around 35 drawing working hours, at least four script revisions and ...two and a half years in the making!

This is no way to make a comic, I can tell you that.
Well, it's technically a way, definitely not an efficient one, though.

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