Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Comic-du! Yaaw! Like a bunny!

This one turned out surprisingly nice. Thus...
Since it is so tiny here, and such... ( oh, if the link doesn't work while you read it... it will, shortly. )
About the update: Thirteen drawings, or so. Total work time: 35 hours or so. Waaay too much. Clearly, my workflow sucks.

Goof: I erased Chibi-GD's wing to fit in S. K, but forgot to redraw it afterwards.
S. N. is borrowing a bit from an old Army of Darkness poster, I thinks. Oh well.

Hopping mad... Hmhmhm. "Decisive Battle" is really cool, from FF6. Not sure what it has to do with anything. Basically, I guess I'm trying to delay actually posting this 'til Ben gets home and I can go simultaneous with... and such. Oh well, I'll talk of the comic more tomorrow. Webcomicry is... something, definitely.

Okay, seriously, my brain is out of resourcers. Off to sleep, enjoy the comic, once it's up.

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