Saturday, February 3, 2007

Old Stuff #3

Sometimes the body just says, "That's it! I've taken enough abuse from you, User! It's time to defrag!

Wow. Crash, reboot. Feeling better. Onwards!

In any case, this is an old something from last... April, I think. Meaning, I was working at the time. I drew this while watching Rushuna do her thing on Grenadier, so that's my excuse. Mind you, this would be a goo target for a bit - or eight, or twenty-four - of color.

Colour, whatever. You're mostly USAians, anyway, right. I think 'Colour' looks nicer, though, don'tchathink?

Anyway, i'll post something more soon, too. I mean, there's no rule that I cannot post within 24 hours of posting something else, right? Right. I mean, it was longer than 24 hours between those two posts and such.

Still, I am kinda annoyed with myself... And kinda impressed with my body's proactivity. I'm getting some weird dream-channels, though....

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