Thursday, February 8, 2007

Eyeballing practice

Locked my car keys in/
It is freezing cold outside/
cannot pay my bills.

The nature reference should be the last line, but I digress.

Anyway, today's image is from Tempo, a city cultural magazine thingy. Doesn't look that much like the person it is, but at least it looks human. I can live with that. Done mostly as a single layer in OpenCanvas. Which doesn't really support cropping, thus the awful layout.

OpenCanvas is probably THE tablet-painting software... Well, I just like how it behaves.
I do the comic editing on Paint Shop Pro, which is... well, it's crashy. Maybe it's time to give Gimp another chance?

Umu. To get actually measurably better, I really should do lots of all sorts of exercises. I've sort of plateau'd for now. There's stuff that's 3-5 years old that still can make me go "I drew that?!?" on occasion.

...Of course, there's lots and lots of cringe-worthy stuff. If anyone's interested I can share the .wpe files for these. They're quite short and not very fancy. I don't do fancy... or something. In any case, quick, sloppy and primitive.


Anonymous said...

That's very good. I like how the blurry lack of detail in her extremities focuses attention on her face without being too obvious like a standard gaussian blur would be. she is wall-eyed however :p

you beat yourself up alot about having "messy drawing". The easiest way to solve that is to use the rough version as a guide to do a neat ink of the picture. I only know one person that can do clean and precise lines on a clean sheet of paper and he takes days to do a relatively simple piece.

Esa Karjalainen said...

Neat ink makes Esa batty.
Adjusting the detail levels based on what's important is, like, the basics. I can do that much... except if I get too into the zone and start tweaking some unnecessary details.