Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fanart-Fu! / Son Goku and Arale

Guess who made an appereance in the new Dr. Slump series?

I left it very sketchy this time, since it didn't look horrible. I remeber the Penguin Village stuff from manga, but I believe it was left out of both Anime, initially.

A lot can be said of Dragonball, especially the Z anime, but the fact is, it's a series where people grow, get married, have children... this, in itself is quite rare. The storyline covers a period of, approximately fourty years or so. Kinda amazing in a way.

Mm... Fan-art....

I've been thinking, there's been a lot of series I've enjoyed, it might be nice to draw some of the characters from them. Thus, fan-art comes to be. Hmm. I guess I'm too sleepy to articulate what I mean properly. Basically, I feel that... since I can draw, I should. No, wait, that doesn't explain it either.

Oh, well. Cannot be helped.

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