Friday, February 23, 2007

Another Oekaki

I hereby reserve the rights to add more to this post later. And I did.

I discovered a new way to set up chibis. It's very simple, but it has some issues with connecting the heads and bodies correctly.

I like the muted colors. All in all, it's... cute?

I'm drawing something on paper, too, but there's always this "Do I really want to scan this?" thing there.... It's not even a time issue anymore, I finally gave up and got meself a new multimedia printer / scanner last fall, autumn, whatever. It's good and fast.

Just two downsides:
It's an inkjet, and it has this weird ink-level tracking thingy which is really really annoying. Basically every time I start it, it arbitrarily decides to reduce the amount of ink remaining on cartridges, which means... which means my first set of cartridges was half-full when it had already decided they were empty. It also won't let me print with just black ink remaining. Very very annoying.

Er, /rant

And here ya go. Basically, the one on top left was the first practice-chibi. We've got A.S.K. tilted oddly there. I wonder, why I didnt' fix that? Oh, yeah - lazy. On the medium-size preview there, they're pretty much in actual size as I drew them - maybe just a tad smaller. Depends on screen and resolution and such. The scan I saved is actually like 50% bigger, or something.

The whole size thing is something of a pain when doing stuff for the web. When is something big, and something small? If you do stuff in low resolution, it'll get smaller and smaller as resolutions keep increasing. On the other hand, too large is practically always unreadable... But, that is a subject I'll save for another "Making of" type post.

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