Saturday, June 15, 2013

Uh, I Have a Sketchbook.

I'm trying to stick to the funny title capitalization scheme.

So.... Sketchbooks!

I have one active sketchbook - not a showcase sketchbook, just the one with all sorts of strange scribbles. I haven't scanned anything from it before this, I think.

This is a character. I'm not sure what, but sort of a... post-apocalyptic steampunk thingy. Three-four sketches I've done over the years, this one I chose to scan, just because.

So... and such. On a whim, I purposefully left the spine in.

The blade is some sort of a monster/mecha slaying taser thingy. The character is eithe carrying some sort of a  generator/battery, or have a specialized organ producing the electricity.

Definitely in a drawing mood right now. So, I'll do at least some of that, then.

I want moar sketchbooks. A couple for different purposes.
I'm kinda feeling like wanting to do art for a living right now. I'm sure the feeling will pass.


Ben Oliver said...

Is he a steampunk halfling? :D

Esa Karjalainen said...

Well, if there are halflings. There is something of a steampunk vibe there, I guess.