Monday, June 17, 2013

Foreshortening sketch

Mm... I did some sketches using this practice tool, noticing I'm kind of slow - 30 seconds is not quite enough for me.

When I finished, I drew this pic. Inspired, I presume, by the various extreme angle shots among the model pictures.

It has some potentia, if I had an idea of where to take it. I guess. I've been, actually, kinda-sorta, studying.
Also got some writing done yesterday. But, all in all, I haven't really done that much. I want to get more done each day.

1 comment:

Ben Oliver said...

That is a pretty good dynamic pose.

If you do a little bit each day, that is infinitely more than none. Muscle building all over again. The ten thousand hour rule, I've heard of. Takes ten thousand hours dedicated to something to master it?