Thursday, June 13, 2013

---ing ---ing ---ing

Yeah, so I'm in a weird head-space right now.

I became fascinated with the Pen tool. in oC, and ended up just doodling in large part. I think the bottom right image has close to the correct arm fold I was looking for.

In upper left, I just wanted to draw thicker arms for some reason, and... when the drawing was otherwise done, I didn't like the background, so I drew a bunch of lines there.

I was somewhat interested in the top-right, bottom-left poses, although I don't think they're all that interesting, but... mm, yeah, poses. something interesting in the armor down-left.

Huh, I think both top characters could be something Burroughsy.

So, the pen thing - or possibly a chiaroscuro thing. I like the, um, strength in using strong black and white. It can, obviously, get rather tricky at spots, but when it works... well, I like it. Frank Miller was doing Sin City when I was at an impressionable age, I guess.

What's next? Maybe something more paint-y. Or maybe it's animation time.

Oh, and this video on youtube was, um, rather badass.

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Ben Oliver said...

I like the dramatic pose of the upper-left one. The lower-right one is nice as well. I get a good idea of what kind of person that character is.

And you've done some pretty good black and white stuff. I remember one grim reaper pic that stands out.