Saturday, June 29, 2013

To Watch or Not To Watch

Man of Steel is in theaters here too, right now.
From the comments I've heard, it's... not horrible, but not that good either. Decent amount of action, which was something of a flaw in the Brandon Routh movie.

Anyway, I intended to see this in theaters, but now I'm iffy. I kind of want to, but....

On the drawing: It's something of an adaptation of the formal wear costume. Also, legs are kind of large; I could fix that digitally, since I think the pose and shape are otherwise okay, but eh.
Not terribly accurate, I wasn't really going for that; For a proper drawing I'd really want to double-check the anatomy and work on  the shield design a bit more.

I had a pretty good Superman build for DnD, using Ardent from CPsi.

Monk 1/Ardent 19

Guardian Mantle as primary. pick Physical Power, Freedom, Law, Fate, Time later on. 

1st: Overchannel
3rd: Practiced Manifester
6th: Psionic Meditation
9th: Extend Power: Saves on flight a lot - you'll only spend 33 PP on flying all day long.
12th: Quicken Power
15th: Mind over Body
18th: Expanded Knowledge: Psionic True Seeing. (sorta open)

Why this is Superman?

  • You fly along all day long
  • You have super-speed, thanks to Hustle, Freedom mantle, Temporal Acceleration and Teleport, Greater.
  • You can see and hear through walls and long distances thanks to Clairvoyant Sense
  • You can survive both in deep space and the bottom of the ocean, thanks to Iron Body. With Mind Over Energy,
    you can even withstand swimming in lava, or the heart of a star, technically.
  • You can put yourself in the line of fire, thanks to Anticipatory Strike & Greater Teleport.
  • You can survive any hit, thanks to Anticipatory Strike + Timeless Body. Even the 1d2 crusader punch, or Pun-pun smite.
  • You can, albeit for a short while only, grapple Colossal critters reliably. 
  • You can stop an oncoming train, thanks to Immovability
  • You can SAVE PEOPLE thanks to Guardian mantle's power.

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Ben Oliver said...

Sounds like a pretty good Superman build. But what about the Kryptonian racial bonus?

I haven't seen this Superman movie yet. I'll see it eventually but it's not on my to-do list. What I really want is to see the Star Trek movie. I hear that one's turned out very well.