Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sketchbook Again. Blue Ballpoint Pen.

Watching painting in Youtube, doodled with a basic ballpoint.

The key here, is the chin-mouth-nose thing in the top middle picture, really. Everything else is incidental.
The lines looked and felt better live, they're kind of dead in here.

Mostly all wrist movement. I want to move my elbow and shoulder more, really. I have some rather interesting doodles in another page, too... I really wasn't thinking while doing these. Just doodling while watching videos.

I like the feeling of drawing with a ballpoint pen fine. Still... Mm... I feel I'm missing something. Maybe it's just, it's getting kind of late and I'm sleepy or... maybe it's something... I don't know. I'm losing coherence. Coherense?


Ben Oliver said...

Just the coherence. Creative work always feels different the next morning.

Esa Karjalainen said...

I also found out my ruler at some point. :)