Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nnng Posin'

So yeah. 

Mm... Never got this to quite work. I don't think it's tightened enough to count as nude, either. I would have drawn in some gear, if I'd ever gotten it to work the way I wanted to.

Anyway, this was bad enough I switched to tinier gesture poses. The, um, rule of the thumb, just the silhouette should be interesting in and as itself. You can see some of that in the earlier GD sequence thumbnails.

1/4th of A5, at 150DPI or so.

I'm watching some of  Sycra's Art Videos on YouTube. Mmdunno. Getting my feet wet with oC + Tablet combo.

1 comment:

Ben Oliver said...

Keep on posing! The idea was good, and it'd only take a little cleanup to make workable.