Wednesday, April 8, 2009

That's not bad

Sort of fashion-y. I was actually going for fantasy, but, whatever. Had fun with the folds, even though they kinda suck, as I am out of practice.

I was thinking, not strictly speaking of a roleplaying character, but more of a RPG mechanics verse character, in a story idea that's pouncing in my brain.
I like RPG mechanics for a story, as it prevents overt plot-induced idiocies, like superhumans being beaten by random norms... or Buffyverse vampires, with their spongy chests and vapour clothers. (Seriously, a normal human can stake a vampire with a pencil. What's up with that?)

I have several stories bouncing in my brain, most of them bad or underdeveloped, and they'll probably never see the light of day. 

A bit unrelated, but I'm trying something odd involving imagination...

Yeah, vague. 

I shall endeavor to explain that better at some instance in the future.

Also, doodles!

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WangZheng259 said...

I like these drawings. I think I understanding what you are talking about with stories in a setting that operates off of RPG mechanics. I think I have played around with ideas fitting this criteria before.