Saturday, May 9, 2009

Third in a series

I pretentiously might call this one 'Genesis'. Spot the other two and get a virtual cookie!

Took actually something like thirty minutes, although I sort of idled... but, there was also this interesting thread about, y'know, context and, ugh, meaning.
I have an aversion towards all sorts of artiste nonsense, but it's not like it's entirely pointless.

Oh, and I almost always trip at first on the fact that Terra's practically a BABY. Her head is like, one-third of her height. The anatomy of a child that young is significantly different from older people's.

Everyone knows ConceptArt, but if I knew of Pixelation, I had forgotten.
Not that much code-stuff today, mostly just website backend stuff - a basic MVC framework in PHP, I did. I decided on JSON as a data storage format, since I don't want to turn postgres on....
This probably means there'll be minimal further development on my CSV - class. Oh well.
I'll probably do some joystick-controlled OpenGL cubes this weekend, at some point.

Still no job nor money. If I lose this apartment, then I lose it. That's life.
It's a shame, though - for what I pay for it, it's a relatively nice place.


Ben said...

No money-du, no bunny-du. Too bad about the apartment. But soon survival instincts will kick in.

Yeah, finding an appropriate starter age for Terra is tricky. I suppose original NETTG had her at 14-ish to start, but then my mind retconned it back to much younger so they could have proper Chibi-style sailor squabbles with the other girls back in the past life zone.

So, anywhere from 6-11 works as a starter. The point is that she's at an age and appearance that no one in their right mind would lay a finger on to harm, though there's room for misunderstanding since it's a cosmic horror trying to comprehend the human condition.

As far as the other two in the series, I probably have them archived. I know I copied this one to go into the file with all the other Terra pics.

Esa Karjalainen said...

Mm. Redundant copies are the keystone of sanity.

Danny said...

I look like that in the morning sometimes...