Thursday, May 14, 2009

Something is moar ad spam

Same as before, snailmail spam -> sloppy drawing. Actually looked at values a bit harder, this time.

My 3d OpenGL engine doesn't currently like meshes mixing quads and triangles, at least not in the same mesh. I wonder if that'll be a problem. OTOH, one can just select all faces and say "Turn to triangles" in Blender... 

I tested with some raw data -> copypasta. I'm thinking of writing a raw reader, just to hasten testing. I'm .... but, I'm rambling about something I haven't really talked about before, so nevermind.

Basically, it relates to something like this:

As you can see, I did write a RAW reader. 
Blender .Raw exports everything separately, so I had to load multiple meshes for this output - got to test my GLScene's capability of rendering multiple meshes. Neat.

Oh, and I convert quads to tris on the fly, although not 100% sure if that works.

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