Saturday, March 28, 2009

Is 'Hope' an emotion or a decision?

I see it referred to as the first, but I feel the second applies better.

Sharpie on paper, 30 seconds or so. I should'a drawn it facing the other way, after finishing the eyes, but draw like this by rote. 

Thousand Shinji, very YMMV. It is probably not a good indicator it gives me the Things Don't Work Like That vibe - not quite a WallBanger, but... I find the other WH40k crossover better, even if both take quite a few liberties with various things. 

Children of an Elder God remains my favourite. Probably. Although, it seems to be abandoned.

My mental health remains... not so good. 


Ben said...


WangZheng259 said...

I'd say that hope is an emotion, a state of being, or something that occurs. However, I think that one can make decisions of mindset that play a role in the amount of hope, cheer, happiness and so forth. This isn't all controlling, of course. My thoughts on this issue have a wide variety of influences, and I am not sure if I can put them into words well.

I liked Thousand Shinji, and the sequel The Open Door, but my tastes are broad, and I do not know how discerning I am. I follow Shinji and Warhammer 40K some, but have not read the latest material.

I've heard that Children of an Elder God is not dead. John Biles is currently doing some interesting things with Lovecraft/Mai Hime.

A fellow with the username of EarthScorpion is doing some nice things with NGE/Cthulhutech.

As an aside, are the basuga... forums dead?

Esa Karjalainen said...

Hm. You know, I have been considering writing my own forum SW.

I've gone through both TS and OD now, and... they're very uneven, really. Enjoyable, but flawed... But, I guess the writer leveled up at some point.

Is emotion the same as feeling? One can definitely "feel" hope.

Esa Karjalainen said...

Oh, and Cthulhutech seems awesome, although a bit complicated. That being said, I understand Exalted's rules more or less, so...

WangZheng259 said...

Emotion can be a synonym for feeling in English. 'A feeling' can refer to 'an emotion'.

For me, hope and optimism are both something of a habit, and hope is also a lifestyle choice. Of course, I also habitually have a great deal of pessimism at the same time as the optimism. Looking on both the good and the bad sides of an issue at the same time is my nature. I may be considering the issue of Hope's nature as a philosophical conundrum or word play more then is wished.

Anyhow, EarthScorpion is writing a NGE/Cthulhutech/F.E.A.R. cross with Eva, Engels, and 'Angels' that I am enjoying. Currently, it does seem to be on the usual hiatus for college writers this time of year/semester.