Friday, April 24, 2009

John Carpenter Recycled IN SPACE!

Fun dreams: 

A ragtag team of misfits, if you like, some veteran spacers, some total newbies, start on a voyage on a heavily-armored old junker with blast doors on every cargo hold. 

In one, sealed and locked, a tiny xenomorph is discovered. This is enough to panic the veterans, but the little thing seems relatively harmless to those with less experience, and eventually most of the crew comes to take a look at the thing. Things, however, are worse than they seem.

In fact, what the hold contains is a mimic, capable of infecting and possessing other lifeforms... and there's no idea who are infected, including the viewpoint character ( in this case: the dreamer. )

Thought I'd mention it. Title comes from, y'know. Fever always gives me fun dreams. Well, sometimes. Well, once or twice.

With web links and,  y'know, subtext becomes text.

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