Thursday, May 14, 2009

So I learned something new today.

Not much of anything, admittedly, but SOMEthing

Okay, so I'm doing some OpenGL stuff, and once you've hand-written in one cube's quads, you start already feeling, "importing meshes from file formats can't be that hard." So, I took a look at what Blender exports.

Blender is... almost easy, these days. The UI looks terribly complicated, but it isn't. I did suffer a bit with texturing, but even that gets a bit easier. The stomach side is undone, and the mesh is broken in places right now. I'm going to have to leave it segmented too - this 'fish is meant for NWN1, which has some... basically, it doesn't animate much of anything --- or rather, it doesn't transform meshes. it just moves them around.  So, head and body at least need to be separate. 

...Not that I'll ever get done, seriously. I was just looking for file formats, is all. This just happened to be in the folder I was exporting cubes into.


Danny said...

What does ya get when ya sticks an ArbyFish in a blender? ArbyFish soup! 'Ere, try some! Oye's roight tasty!

Esa Karjalainen said...

Well, yea.
It doesn't look like much, but the mesh is nicer now - even if I chopped it to pieces. And now I'm skinning it.

Weird order. Drop it in blender, THEN chop it to pieces and THEN skin it.

Danny said...

It's loike makin' potatoes, but whackbirds! ^^