Thursday, January 25, 2007

To post or not to post

I wonder... Should I post NETTG:TEY spoiler type stuff here? Or rather, some of the raw frames, which will appear at a size around 200 pixels wide in the final comic, and such. Seeing as how I didn't draw anything specific here today.

Or did I? I don't think I did. So, I didn't, so there. :P

I have lots and lots of stuff I could post... I've just been trying to stick to new stuff. Even if I didn't draw much last year, I did draw, like, forty to eighty drawings. But that's all old stuff.
Anyway, I'll listen to comments, or you could post on the board ( via nettg, donchaknow? )

I do constantly worry whether the pencil drawings are sharp and clear enough - Ben spent the first year we did NETTG:TEY - not sure if it was even called so at that point - telling me to draw cleaner lines.

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Benjamin A. said...

The answer? Post! :D

Optimally, you should post something made during the day you add to your blog, but even past art is better than no art. Still... this will help show your artistic progress if you keep posting things made that day. A tough question, really.