Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Old Stuff #2

This would be the initial version of this page. It's amusing in it's own way....

The dialogue is pretty much the same as in the published page, except chibi-Saturn also said "Don't worry --- I'll take care of it" or something to that effect in there. Date for this one is 3rd of August, 2004. The one published seems to have been 13. January, 2005.

Er... Oops?

the GD-chibi was redesigned, which... probably was the cause for the revision of this page.

Drawing chibis isn't easy. I have a distinct tendency to veer towards the correct proportions and whatnot all the time. Annoying.
Hmm. I wonder if I should label all the old stuff as, well, old-stuff or somesuch.

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