Sunday, January 28, 2007

Li'l bit of N.E.T.T.G

From what is now called 'Classic', from chapter 10-2F:

"And I am Sailor Chibivenus," Chibivenus mock-preached to the nonexistent foe. She shook her little fists around. "I fight for love, justice," her tone grew more excited, "dance parties, all-night wine keggers," her breathing became more labored, "fairies, drunken stardragons," a tear came to her eye, "dwarves with unshaven beards, elves that love to play the lute," she sniffled, "magic pixies that you can suck on, carnival attractions, ponies that you can ride on," her voice started to crack, "toga parties, butterflies, unicorns that use bad language," she covered her heart with her right hand, "Venus, I love you! I fight for you! I fight for Truth, and Justice, and, and…"

The other three Sailor Chibiscouts grew nervous as Sailor Chibivenus went on and on about details from her homeworld, and started to sweat when she broke out into a full-blown chorus of "Venus the Beautiful," the Venusian Planetary Anthem. Her vowels became longer, dropping back into her native drawl.

o/Oh, Veee-ee-nus, oh, Veee-ee-nus, Mah love gawt shed on yooou!
And crown thy good, with mother-hood,
From Vee to shining Veeeeeeeeeee!\o

Sailor Chibivenus went to her knees, weeping huge tears of joy. She took a few breaths in an effort to contain herself. "I'm sorry," she whispered to her friends, her voice returned to normal, "it's just that," she explained, "home is such a wonderful place."

"Hmm," all three hummed in semi-agreement.

Ahh, lovely.

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