Saturday, January 27, 2007


Yay for Blizzard!

It's really hard to find good Protoss Archon reference. Apparently, they do have feet, and while
the Protoss generally have wide chests, their arms are kinda skinny. Also, two thumbs.

My art does have a general tendency to be sloppy. Thus, I'm using methodology which guarantees relatively crisp results. However, the cost is time. I believe the shortest time a single comic page has taken, ever, is something like seven hours. Rather suboptimal in many ways, but the reason I draw for Ben is out of love for his stories, not necessarily to show these stories to others... Although that's fun too. But, I'm greedy like that, and if drawing can cause Ben to write more, then...

Lost my trail of thought, there. This implies I was most likely ranting. Never mind, never mind.

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