Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Azalea, i seem to recall.

Junk junk junk junk I spent waay too much time on. Ah well. I was trying to experiment with something or other. Color, mostly, I'd guess. I have trouble limiting myself to just a small set of colors. Plus, I don't use yellow often enough.

Doing this with my luvly Wacom Graphire3 seemed to be somehow less effort than using pencil and paper, and scanning it. I guess I'm not yet used to the speed of my new scanner-slash-printer thingy. Annoying Epson, which insists half-full cartridges are empty. Grr.

Since I don't really have anything to say - it's a drawing, I posted it - I'll end with a quote from "Terra in Tokyo":

"FOR THE LAST TIME, NO!" Luna shouted back. "I'm not some sort of magical wish-granting goddess that can sometimes build you a secret base with a restaurant on top!"

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