Saturday, January 27, 2007

Old Stuff #1

'm so sleepy.
The above picture involves Trista, wonky shape-shifting bladed weapons, Goth girls who wield them, Ex-vampires and other assorted silliness.

Heh, Goths.

I'm posting this in case I won't make it today... which seems likely. I'm sooo sleepy. Spent the day doing... no, the day, just sort of... went. Annoying. I'll post something after I wake up, + 2-3 hours, or so. Or maybe a bit later, I've agreed to meet a friend for a game of Go tomorrow, but I'm not sure of the scheduling for that, yet.

Anyway, the above is somewhat nifty, and has the whole chiaroscuro thing going for it, which is something I'll use if and when something gets drawn on the thing. Ben and I have been thinking of it also in terms of story, but sometimes I wonder if that is quite correct....

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