Thursday, September 27, 2007

Trying to figure out Blender

Urg. Blender has some really nice features, but it's still about as easy to use as 3ds Max.
So, the group I got myself into in our Games and Virtual Environments decided to make an adventure game. Apparently in 3d.

2d would've been fine, and even kinda easy, but for the sake of learning and challenge, we seem to be going the hard way...

I can't extract the model from the module, so's I'll need to make a retextured version based on the .3ds model Ben had.


Benjamin A. said...

Arby(hands Esa a blender): Roight, there ya go, make sum three-dee graphics, then, eh? ^_^ (flutters off)

Danny said...

Aww, Ben beat me to the blender pun!

Benjamin A. said...

A poem! The ArbyFish Sat Triumphantly by his Blender!

The sky, it turned to golden hues,
The birds began to sing,
As Arby found his blending tools,
And from them a song did spring.

Arby(tests the blender)