Thursday, September 13, 2007

So, I'm taking a course on Games and Virtual Environments

Took me longer than I thought... but today, I've been Inspired.

This is, like, half-way between sketchydoodle, and something pretty nifty. I probably won't finish it, though. Kinda a shame.
I think it's a guy, BTW. Aasimar Paladin or Crusader, probably.

Oulu as a city --- or rather, the IT people here, are actually sorta trying to push this as the Game Development hub of Finland or something like that. That's what they told me at the PuzzleScape promo party, at least. And that's way more free advertisement for Farmind than I should do.

Any way, there's this Game Research Unit at Oulu, Y'know, people responsible for this, for an example.

Interesting stuff. AirBuccaneers seems like a pretty cool idea, and it's giving me some ideas, too.

I did do a re-skin of Prismatic Dragon for Galactic Destroyeriffic purposes, a while back. I did also make an Arbyfish model, but I don't have that anymore. :(

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Benjamin A. said...

I may still have that ArbyFish model somewhere, but it was just in the NWN format.

So, game development. Cool.

Doing some tinkering, doing some coding?