Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sack o' Confusion

This time, I did the warm-up in OC.

So, got my GUI thing doing something, at least. I do have this feeling it's horribly slow right now, though...

Concentration problems do not seem to apply to code-work... but I did find one piece of software I wrote a while back is horribly broken. ;_;

Drawing shall commence after sleep. Coding takes a lot of time and attention...


I'm amused. Jet Li writes:

In Chinese, kungfu is a mark for time. You can use kungfu to describe anything as long as you've spent a lot of time working on it. For example, you can say that a chef's cooking kungfu is great. Because that chef has taken 10 to 20 years to gain those abilities. Since wushu takes a lot of time to learn, so you can say your kungfu is great. But wushu actually means the art of averting conflict. Wushu includes culture, discipline, philosophy, technique as well


Benjamin A. said...

Lepardu(stands near Laios, who sits at a computer): Mm. Code like bunny!

Laios(o_O): What do you mean, like a bunny?

Lepardu(thinks for a moment): Mm... quick like bunny. (jumps on the keys repeatedly) Hopping-du!

Laios: But that'll just dump random characters into it!

Lepardu(patient): Watching-du. Mmm.... DU! (mashes the enter key)

Program(successfully compiles, displays a rabbit hopping across the screen)


Lepardu(^_^): Yaaaw!

Benjamin A. said...

It's a Sack a' Confusion! Koinda loike a bag a' holding...

Esa Karjalainen said...