Friday, September 14, 2007

Random productivity

So... Ben did, in fact, have my Arbyfish model stored. Textures need more work, badly... but, now I haves it! Mwahaha!

As a downside, it's not animated --- at all, really.

I also did a Prismatic Dragon skin recolor... but, it's still quite horrible. The textures - including the original used with Prismatic Dragon - is stretched weirdly. Mmdunno. Maybe I should try it with copper dragon, instead... I also didn't change the reflections or anything.

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Benjamin A. said...

Ah, the GD presides over the creation and evaluation of a new KISA, whether that persona believes it or not. In such a mod, I suppose you could say to Terra upon her request, "Yes, Mistress!" or be rebellious and not go along with anything, but the consequence for not following orders would be disastrous. ^_^

And an ArbyFish! How mouldy! ;)