Tuesday, June 26, 2007

When in doubt, do studies or Something!

I drew earlier today, but it's not blog-worthy. However, I was starting to feel like I'm neglecting this blog, so I went and tried to draw something just for this blog.


So, I resorted to doing studies -IE, copying via the power of my eye - from pro comics. Always educational. Fairy Tail and Mx0, in this case. Both rather fun shounen series.
I need to do more copies. T_T

Manga drawing -- I actually own a book from How to draw Manga series, titled Ultimate Manga Lessons 1: Drawing Made Easy. It actually has pretty much everything you need for drawing your own manga - as a downside, it's mostly a rather basic book. However, as I browse it I occasionally run into rather interesting tidbits of information, such as that on average, you need to draw 5000 pages before you can consider going pro. Also, it's generally a good idea to draw hands the size of head+hair - it looks more interesting than drawing smaller, more realistic hands.

...Which reminds me, Piro used to draw these really tiny hands... He still does, actually -- or rather, he draws large heads. Hands are still kinda small, but they're drawn better so maybe that's why it doesn't bother me anymore.

....Mmm, I think they're a bit bigger, these days. sorta depends on the frame.


Cobalt said...

That face at the bottom has a glassy eyed "head impaled on a pike" look.

Maybe that's why there is a headless torso in the top left :p

Anyway, nice work on the expressions. even if they are copied they're good.

Esa Karjalainen said...

Ahh, expressions. Doing weird expressions is surprisingly hard. Is it enough? is it too much? Too silly? too simple?